How to hang string lights on stucco without drilling – 11 low-effort ways

Patio lights can dramatically transform your outdoor space. They immediately send a message to your guests that you care about your outdoor patio lights space and make dark spaces usable at any time of day.

However, it’s not always clear how to hang outdoor lights (especially if you have a coating material like plaster of Paris). You may be tempted to reach for the box of nails, but hold back!

Read this guide before doing anything you might regret. I will tell you how to hang patio string lights without nails or holes.

The easiest way to hang street string lights without nails or holes is to attach stud hooks or self-adhesive hooks to the surface. If none of these options work, use things like trees or fence posts as hanging points and wrap things up tightly. This method works for almost any type of siding, including stucco, vinyl, brick, or wood.

First, let’s look at why you don’t want to drill holes in the wall when hanging patio lights. Then let’s take a look at all the great ideas on how to hang string lights on stucco without drilling.

Why avoid holes?

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Many people wonder why they should go to the extra trouble of drilling holes in brick, plaster, or vinyl (or even clapboard) walls. After all, it’s ridiculously easy to drill holes or drive nails into lanterns. Is it really that important?

As a general rule, you shouldn’t drill holes in walls for two reasons: the damage it can cause and the durability of the hole.


Aside from being unsightly, finding a hole in your wall can cause a number of other avoidable problems. For example, moisture can enter the holes and cause mold and rot in addition.


You cannot move the holes. If you nail the plaster to hang the lamp and decide to move it later, you will need to drill another hole. Depending on how often you change your mind, it can leave the walls of your home filled with avoidable holes.

How to hang outdoor patio lights


First, let’s take a look at hang outdoor patio lights use. Whether setting up a temporary reception or creating your dream look, you need to know how to hang them. However, not all farms are the same. Therefore, it is important to think about how to hang garlands in different places and situations.

Before we get into that, it’s important to note that you want to buy commercial quality garlands rather than standard quality garlands. This ensures that the lamps you install will withstand the tests of outdoor installation. The last thing you want to hang outdoor patio lights is installed in your yard looking worn after the first storm.

How to hang string lights on stucco without drilling?

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With a little creativity and these 11 tricks, you can hang patio lights without nails.

You can use these methods for other types of lighting devices as well.

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1. Gutter hooks

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If your home has gutter hooks, this is the best way to hang outdoor string lights without nails. Just use stud hooks to hang small lanterns or even large pendant string lights.

Available at most hardware stores, this S hook can be used to hang lanterns, pendants, garlands, and more.

2. Use sticky hooks

white adheasive tie backs

Like stud hooks, self-adhesive back hooks can help you attach street string lights without using nails or holes.

However, you don’t hang them over the edge of a gutter or other surface. Instead, peel off the backing or glue on the hook and stick it to a flat surface. If this is a temporary solution, I recommend using washable adhesive.

3. Wire hanger

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Before you throw away your old wire hangers, save them for hanging street string lights.

You can create a loop at one end and then easily hang outdoor lights fixtures without the need for nails or other tools!

4. Wrap string lights around the trees

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You can use any tree in your garden as an improvised lighting stand.

While this is completely normal, you should turn off your lights regularly. You don’t want the wreaths to grow into the tree (trust me, it can happen).

You can drill directly into the wood, but be careful not to permanently damage it.

5. Chain fences

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If you’re looking for ways to hang patio lights without nails, this is another great option. Simply attach the wire hooks to the mesh fence, and you’ll have your patio string lights up and running in no time!

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6. Use bushes


Like trees, shrubs can also be used as temporary light bases. I think most people have tried to direct light through landscape hang-string lights during the holidays – that’s the idea. Shrubs can be useful if you grow them near your house or around your patio.

Unlike trees, you don’t have to move them often. The risk of wildfires growing into bushes is low, and if they do occur, they can be easily extinguished. Shrubs are often a good way to block your neighbors’ view.

7. Pendant for line lighting

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This is ideal if you want to create lighting on poles, as they can be connected directly to the pipes used for electrical wiring systems.

They are very easy to install, so no nails, screws, or bolts are required. If you want to add some sparkle, use antique china lamp holders. If you’re mounting hang string lights on poles, make sure they’re at least 12 feet apart, so the outdoor lighting looks consistent and beautiful.

You can also get creative by hanging them from trees or lining them up along a fence to give them a more interesting look.

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8. Use a glue gun


Removing glue drops is much easier than patching nails or screw holes.

That’s why I often reach for the glue gun when there is no other way. You need to make sure you use enough glue to hang string lights.

You should also leave the lamp on long enough for the glue to dry. This can be a little tricky, but it’s a totally effective way to hang streetlights without nails!

9. Consider using duct tape

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Duct tape is also an inexpensive and relatively effective way to hang patio lights without nails. I did this by using duct tape to hang Christmas lights around the brick windows. The result wasn’t great, but the string lights worked (for a while).

The main problem with using adhesive tape is that it loses its adhesion relatively quickly. When I hung the Christmas wreaths on the brick, some of the wreaths were hung before Christmas. However, if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to hang them from something you probably already have around the house, this might work.

10. Hang them from the ceiling

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Last but not least, consider hanging outdoor patio lights without nails with twine or fishing lines…we know it sounds weird at first, but when I say they are some of our favorite lighting designs every day They do, trust me!

Just make sure you use a needle and a long piece of thread, then hang it.

11. Use a suction cup

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It’s a great way to bring more light into certain areas of your home, while also helping you avoid nailing down various types of adhesives that can damage surfaces like windows.

Just be careful not to leave the suction cups on a jar overnight, as the temperature can cause damage even when removed.

Poles for hanging wreaths


We’ve already mentioned that poles can be useful for hanging wreaths. Let’s see how to install them. First, you need to put concrete forms in the ground at the corners of your patio. Then put a 1-inch PVC pipe in the middle and fill the rest with concrete.

Take a ¾ inch diameter pipe and cut it to the height you want to post and add the thickness of the PVC pipe. Screw the appropriate cap onto the tube and drill a hole 1 inch below. Take the nut and put it in the hole and put the nut on the other side to lock it. Garland hangs on this hook.

Lighted Pool on Bars if you wish, you can now take the time to prep and paint the pipes. As a rule, most people try to match the color to the color of the wire of the garlands. Finally, insert the pipe into the PVC pipe and fill it with concrete.

How to hang a wreath on an aluminum patio cover


Hanging outdoor string lights from an aluminum canopy is a great way to add light and ambiance to outdoor patio lights gatherings. Here are some tips for hanging wreaths.

The best way to hang string lights from an aluminum canopy, parasol, or gazebo without nails is to use the structure itself. Read more: How to connect a porch roof to house: the ultimate guide.

Use tape

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Depending on the brand and design, you should have enough posts, poles, and supporting hooks to hang your garlands from.

Line them up

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The string lights can be hung, wrapped, and hung between different parts of the patio cover. When decorating the interior of the patio, you can draw light between the vertical beams of the ceiling.

The cover protects the lanterns from the elements, so there’s no need to attach them – just grab a ladder and install string lights.

Twist it

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In most cases, twisting and using mandrel pieces will allow you to hang garlands without drilling holes or using potentially harmful glue.

If you can’t do this on your pergola or patio, try the hook solution or one of the other options.


Can outdoor lighting be hung from vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is more adhesive-resistant, so you can use any of the options I’ve provided. In fact, here is a great no-drill vinyl mount at a great price!

Vinyl siding also has the advantage of being made up of components that help if damaged.

How do you hang string lights outside stucco?


You can use hot glue or double-sided glue to stick the garlands. Apply a small bead of glue with a glue gun to the back of the string lights and stick them separately to the wall. Place them on the wall for 10 seconds until the glue dries and sticks.

Can outdoor lights be hung on bricks without screws?

You should be able to use self-adhesive or hot glue hooks when hanging street string lights from bricks.

Please avoid drilling directly into brick or mortar as it may permanently damage the surface. The brick is beautiful (other than expensive) and we should want to keep it pristine!

How to hang patio string lights?


Always use caution when hanging patio lights along sidewalks. Small, thin strings of outdoor string lights are hard to see when not on.

You don’t want to be blamed for someone putting clothes on! It’s hard to tell you the final height, considering it depends heavily on the height of the tallest person on your patio! However, 9-10 feet is a good rule of thumb.

Why 9-10 feet? He is 4-5 feet taller than the average person. The lights will naturally fade and sag over time, requiring some breathing room.


By following these simple tips, you can easily hang outdoor lights without nails and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere they create.

With just a few household items, you’ll have everything in no time! Read about pergola roof cover ideas in a new post.

How do you hang lights on stucco without drilling?

You can use hot glue or double-sided glue to stick the fairy string lights. Glue a small bead behind the string lights and stick them with a glue gun to the wall one by one. Hold them on the wall for 10 seconds until the glue dries and sticks.

How do you hang Christmas lights on stucco without nails?

Using a caulking gun with construction glue, apply a small amount of glue to the desired area. Place the mounting clip on the adhesive and stick it on the wall until it makes a sound. Once the glue is dry and bearing weight, hang your string lights.

How do you hang string lights on stucco?

There are a few ways to hang string lights on stucco, but the most popular ways include:
Command hooks: Command hooks are adhesive hooks that can be mounted on stucco without damaging the surface. They come in different sizes and can be used to hang string lights by attaching them to the hooks.
Screw-in hooks: Screw-in hooks can be used to hang string lights on stucco by drilling a small hole into the stucco surface and screwing the hook in place.
Masonry anchors: Masonry anchors are specially designed for hanging items on masonry surfaces such as stucco. They can be used by drilling a hole into the stucco surface, inserting the anchor and then attaching the hook.
Suction cups: Suction cups can also be used to hang string lights on stucco by attaching them to the surface and then hanging the lights from the suction cups.
It is important to make sure that the lights are not overloaded and that the hooks or anchors are securely attached to the surface before hanging the lights. It is also important to consult with a professional contractor if you have any doubts or concerns about the safety of hanging lights on stucco.

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