How to hide extension cords outside?

Extension cords have become essential for modern life, but nobody likes to see them tangled up in the open air – particularly on your patio. Thankfully, there are a variety of solutions to how to hide extension cords outside in order to keep patios looking neat and tidy.

From weaving the cords around garden fixtures to tucking them along a wood wall, there are countless ways to make extension cord hiding an artform! Keeping this in mind, a little bit of creativity can go a long way when it comes to making sure these power lines remain out-of-sight and still easily accessible!

If you’re interested in how you can use extension cords while preserving your outdoor décor aesthetic, look no further: let’s explore how some creative cord management solutions can ensure the beauty and safety of your patio space.

Have you ever noticed that pesky, tangled mess of electrical cords in your patio that detracts from the aesthetic beauty of the area? Look no further! Neatly hide those unsightly cables with one simple trick: use a plastic bag or cover the cords with duct tape or electrical tape.

You can find these tapes (and more!) at your local hardware store – they are a perfect and stylish way to cover cables while being mindful of safety precautions. Proper stowing will ensure not only neatness but also protects against sun damage which can cause cords to melt and even lead to fires! Having an organized, clutter-free outdoor space has never been easier.

Make your outside backyard space an elegant oasis with these fantastic tips for gracefully hiding those outside extension cords. Give yourself the peace of mind by avoiding all tripping hazards with a cord box, or slipping all the cords into PVC ribbed tube, which are made from flexible plastic so you can easily snake them around your plants. By following these simple steps, you will create a stress-free outdoor space where you can relax and enjoy your environment without worrying about tripping on any wiring.

How to hide extension cords outside?

Why Hide Extension Cords in Your Patio

Keeping your patio a safe and pleasant place shouldn’t be difficult! There are plenty of great reasons to hide away extension cords, making the area look clean and organized. Let’s explore how we can get this done easily & stylishly.

  • Extension cords can be a tripping hazard and cause accidents.
  • The last thing you want is for your outdoor space to look messy, cluttered, or uninviting because of an unsightly setup. 
  • You can actually increase how long your cords last by keeping them out of the sun.

How to Hide Extension Cords on Patio

Want to make your patio look neat and inviting without sacrificing power? There are tons of creative ways for hiding extension cords – ensuring you’ll always have the energy you need while still making a stylish impression!

Although some tasks ahead might seem daunting, with a bit of effort everything will be organized and running smoothly. Here’s how to get started on your journey towards tidiness!

1. Tape them up

Make your life easier with this simple option! Roll out the cord and secure it to a wall or other vertical surface with tape. No effort required – just pick from masking, duct, electrical, plumbing or painter’s tape for optimal results.

Get creative with your outdoor design and add a unified, personalized touch! With this method you can choose any tape color that complements the look of your space.

With the use of tape, an area can be transformed from cluttered chaos to neat and orderly – so much so that any gaps between lines of tape go unnoticed. Not only does this create a pleasing aesthetic but it also allows people to focus on what really matters – rather than details like uneven spacing!

2. Using Planter Plants

Turn your planters into a secret tech powerhouse! Surround yourself with lush greenery, while keeping cords and cables neatly tucked away. With this simple trick you can have it all – an attractive outdoor space plus the convenience of modern technology.

Add a special touch to your outdoor space by adding some rocks or decorative items around the openings of your landscape. This will ensure that all areas are aesthetically pleasing and create an extra beautiful look!

Transform your home into a lush oasis easily by using this tried and true method— perfect for any large potted plant because nobody has to know what’s hidden below!

Transform your humble pot into a piece of greenery-filled art! Punch a hole in the top and plug in all those pesky cords – it’ll look like they’re sprouting out from budding plants.

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3. Utilize a Cable Ramp

If you’re looking to make a professional statement, this slightly pricier option will conceal your cords and give the appearance of modern sophistication.

To keep your patio furniture firmly in place and stable, you’ll need to acquire specially-cut pieces of plastic or rubber – tailored specifically for fitting beneath your chair legs.

Keep cords out of sight with this Floor Cable Cover. Just slide them into the convenient slits and voila, a clutter-free space!

Floor Cable Cover, 6.5 Ft Floor Cord Protector 3 Channels

These helpful cable management tools make tidying up a breeze! Easily affix them to any surface with hooks or pins for ultimate organization and convenience.

Tired of having to replace extension cords due to damage? This easy, cost-saving solution might be the answer. Cable hiding tracks not only help maintain an attractive patio but also ensure your precious cords stay intact for longer!

Secure your outdoor blinds with ease by using anchors! These simple tools can ensure that these essential fixtures stay in place no matter the weather.

4. Utilize Your Space Wisely

With minimal effort, you can make your outdoor space look neat and organized by giving cords a handy home. Create designated areas around the area to easily store them away when not in use!

Incorporate your favorite houseplants into the decor of your home by finding creative spots to display them. Opt for a more artful approach like placing one beneath an elegant plant stand, tucking it inside a vibrant umbrella holder, or adorning the top of a table with greenery.

Keep your cords safe and dry with easy hook solutions! Spend less time worrying about rain-ruined electrical cords and more time on the projects you love.

5. Bury them Underground using P.V.C. Pipes

Want to keep all your cords neat and tidy in the great outdoors? Make use of P.V.C piping – just measure up underneath your outdoor space, slide it on down and those pesky wires will be out of sight!

For the ultimate in cord-management, this method is unbeatable! Its convenience and accessibility makes it ideal for those with a lot of cords – no more tangles or frustration.

To create a durable and reliable piping system, you’ll need to think small. Grab some two-way P.V.C elbows that can be connected with cement or glue and then carefully cut them down into more manageable sections – just the size for your project! But make sure not to forget one of home improvement’s most important tasks: keeping concrete from killing grass when cleaning it up!

6. Cord boxes

Hide unsightly cords and avoid trips with stylish cord boxes. These handy organizers provide a safe, neat solution for all kinds of extension cords while sprucing up your space!

Protect your outdoor environment from unsightly cable clutter with cord boxes! Easily painted to match any décor, these practical pieces are the perfect way to add a touch of uniformity and style.

Keep your patio neat and tidy while safeguarding the ones you love by avoiding potentially hazardous electrical cords.

What is the Best Way I Can Hide my Cords?

Everyone has their own preferred way of tackling the task of managing outdoor cords. Some may want a fully concealed look, tucking them away in plant pots and letting nature take care of hiding them from view. For those who don’t have that option at hand, they might opt for a more creative solution like cable-taping or even burying to make sure everything is held securely out of sight!

How can I hide my cords without having to go out and buy anything?

Create a custom cable ramp for your cords! Cut down a piece of two-way PVC pipe, then add some stylish cuts on the sides to make running cables through easier and more efficient.

Is it safe to bury an outdoor extension cord?

Interior cables are ill-suited for underground installation, so to safely and securely run exterior cords it is recommended to use direct burial UF cable. This type of cabling is specially designed for outdoor application, allowing you the option of burying it beneath your ground surface without sacrificing security – just make sure that any cord which crosses aboveground has a protective conduit covering!

How do you waterproof outdoor extension cords?

To protect from elements, wrapping cords in plastic bags is an effective solution. Not only does this keep out moisture and humidity that can damage them, but the additional layers of protection ensure your cords remain safe and secure.

For your convenience and safety, always be sure to invest in an extension cord that is especially designed for use outdoors – one rated for reliable performance even when conditions are wet.

Do extension cords reduce power?

Disposing of old outdoor furniture is oftentimes a hassle – not only do you need to figure out the most efficient way, but also which power connections will be able to carry enough voltage. To ensure your electrical current remains consistent while moving and disposing of deck chairs and other items, keep an eye on cord length – longer cables can result in significant drops in energy output with any pressure applied.

Having the knowledge of hiding unsightly electric cords outdoors, you can open up your patio to a much more enjoyable and stress-free living space!

Not sure how to tackle that tangle of cords? Try masking them with tape – it’s an easy and inexpensive way to experiment before making a bigger commitment.

Take charge of clutter and disorganization! Try out new solutions for an orderly, aesthetically pleasing aesthetic.

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